the unavoidable first

i spent around six faithful years on xanga. first, with only a few friends with whom i would. eventually, xanga became the blog of choice for most north greenville students. blogging became communal. my blog wasn’t some confusing public diary but a place to share ideas i thought my friends would find provoking, comforting, entertaining. until the last year or so, i had never experienced a tangible arena for sharing written thoughts where feedback would be given. xanga provided that. my internal development can be vaguely traced through my writings. there i shared what i was often unable to verbalize in real life. i offered opinions without them seeming as blunt as they would in real life. i shared what God was teaching me without the awkwardness I often experienced face-to-face.

the bottom line: my xanga served a great purpose. but slowly, friend’s posts dwindled, and I lost the interaction that my blogs were meant for. if i was going to write for myself i would write on paper. i think the age of xanga is over for me.

i avoided starting a different blog for a long time. i gave in to posting my poetry on facebook when i felt the need to share, but facebook is too open. the reading eyes too undiscriminating.  

tonight i decided that i might want to start a new chapter in a forum where minds i respect seem to be gathering again. i’ve really enjoyed what i’ve read on here written by friends and acquaintances alike.

so, with far too much thought put into it, i’m here.


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