i sip forgivenesslikeredwine in the freewriting thoughts before bed as my body starts to slumber upkicks the velocityinmyhead. morning just those few blinks away until sleep is bliss and waking… well. turn over and again. snooze snooze. i’ll find the minutes when i finally melt the lead in my body with anxiety’s fire. failure is just a few more blinks ahead. that’ll do it and a diet soda. greet the television likeit’stheonlyonewhoknows me then flicker for a moment in disgust at what it shows me. i’m not like them.

i always brush my teeth before stumbling down the brick steps outside these days. my first on the list of home improvements. but the clock is unfair and i spit and run. disheveled and pushing the same list to tomorrow. i’m tomorrow’s girl for sure.


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