sometimes others say it better…

“you call me a mountain. i’ll call you the sea. i’ll stand tall and certain and watch you swallow me. you can move me if you want to. you can move a mountain, you can move a mountain.” -ingrid michaelson “the mountain and the sea”

“ever, evergreen boughs above me tower singing quiet songs ’bout forgiveness. black butterfly flutter by me. kick a little glitter into the night. spark up the stars. leave alone my heart. i’m trying to be good by you alright, alright.” -laura viers “black butterfly”

“we’re an oyster cracker on the stew. and the honey in the tea. we’re the sugar cubes. one lump or two. in the black coffee. the golden crust on an apple pie that shines in the sun at noon. we’re a wheel of cheese high in the sky. but we’re gonna be sinkin’ soon.”- norah jones “sinkin’ soon”

“with the rhythm of my heart and my sleepy girl’s breathing….and her bright blue eyes as the sea and the shore fall and rise like her breast as she breathes by my side.” -jon foreman “southbound train”

“i’ve gotta get your presence. let’s make it known. i think you’re just so pleasant. i would like you for my own”-she and him “why do you let me stay here”

“why don’t we sit here and stay and do nothing? nothing at all for a while. i like the way you smile.”- she and him “home”

“my toes just touched the water. walked a mile just to find the edge. some place low enough just to step right in. now i’m here and i can’t begin to move” -norah jones “toes”
“like an angry apple tree. i throw apples if you get too close to me” -ingrid michaelson “locked up”

“we are so fragile and our cracking bones make noise and we are just breakable breakable breakable girls and boys” -ingrid michaelson “breakable”

“the moon is a magnet. everyone’s at it. everyone’s had it. love is a sadness. love is a madness. we are the addicts.” -jon foreman “the moon is a magnet”

“you can move me if you want to. you can move everything. you can move everything. and then one day you’ll go away. and i will too.” -ingrid michaelson “the mountain and the sea”


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