writeoneleaf about oil and water

i made salad dressing today. mixed lemon juice with olive oil. whisk whisk. and pour over crispy green goodness. olive oil and lemon juice do something beautiful to lettuce. they take out the bitter. olive oil calms the lemon’s bite. the lemon brightens the olive oil’s serious simplicity. but they have to be mixed and mixed and mixed. it’s like mixing oil and water (i mean almost exactly). they just don’t mix. repel each other. sigh.

they make such a great pair. the sassy lemon and the mellow olive oil. like that everyday kind of happiness when you’re sitting outside and the wind whispers in your ear and you look up and smile at your friend. this pair is simple and easy. you just have to mix and mix. otherwise they start to part.

making the salad dressing was an experiment. i made a salad to try it on and was so impressed i went back for more. there in the little bowl….the lemon juice was in a sad little cloud right in the middle of the olive oil. i’d have to mix again. but it was so good.

this is just a little ditty about salad dressing.

i think we’re like oil and water.


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