the waves will crash inside me

i think it’s time to leave the shore
head in towards the mainland
the sea is fickle
oh back and forth
my stomach’s filled with sand

first born the mountains’ daughter
once breathed their sugar breeze
now winds of teardrops
briny exhaled water
tiny stings, tiny bees

my knees are crystaled, crusty
from pleading with the waves
kneeling there lonely
heart, hands dusty
building sand castles, graves

my hair once thick and leafy
has crinkled in the heat
rosy turned ruby
my skin chiefly
is cooking into meat

i need the highland’s heartsease
not the beachy, aching storms
swift ripping through me
sweet dewy peace
instead of moody swarms

these waves they steal me
throw me round
then leave me to the sand
the mountains heal me
loamy ground
renewal in my hand

why did i come to see it?
i heard its wailing swift
the lapping of its sobs
i thought i might could free it
oh see my failings drift
and feel the way it robs

i know i should not tarry
not a moment longer, a wavebreak more
but it sings to me, its sopping harry
its crashing in my core

i’ll feel the waves come rushing
each step i take towards land
won’t the mountains start their hushing
the trees strike up their whispery band

the sea now swims within me
but the mountains are my home
will returning set my heart free
or to the coast will it ever roam


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