a little ditty about grace, to remind me

i was, i was, i was a wall.
and you could not climb me. (though i’d occasionally let down a vine or something).
and i believed, believed, no one would care to try.
therefore, i was protected.
no one ever came to the top of me.
until, oh until that one time, when everyone kept saying it was wrong to be so guarded.
a wall so high…what use….
something about vulnerability.
so i built some stairs
and said i knew now somebody might conquer me.
you see, you can only try to destory me from the top.
my base is made of unfailing stuff.
somebody did climb.
sighed for a moment at the view and then carelessly tore me up.

i feel like i should have known better.
but then, i knew, i knew what i was doing.
i’m a wall, but i’m a wall for some kind of using.
something about vulnerability.

oh Lord, we’ll build again of stronger stuff?
my foundation stands.
your grace is enough.


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