time, you are dumb.

everyone keeps speaking about time. in a way, our master. not our master’s master.
it’s just a beat. it binds us. ever-flowing.
time marks our ugliness. this moment. this one. was your mistake. or mine, i mean.
and it shuttles forward. before we can rethink.
i always try to have my afterthoughts first.
but sometimes before they don’t mean anything.
time heals. but it also haunts. can’t push it faster or stop it up.

it’s an evertrain in evermotion. it’s the heart that tries to stay. still time carries us away.

i guess it wouldn’t count. to return to stop disaster. change the past and change the future.
hope it’s better what comes after.
but amends are made in the aftermath. in the pain and the healing. when our mistakes still reeling are forgiven.

time still makes me angry. it won’t give me what i want.
in that way, our master. but not our master’s master.
dear master, change what i want.


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