bye, bye, broken bottles.

i’m done filling bottles with half-dreams, i think.
i gave up a million realities to have one shadow sit next to me.

every girl hides behind her hair and a smile. every girl hides behind her hair and a glare.
we all just want someone to care, just want no one to care.
i’m weary of memorizing the backs of friends walking away.

i’m slowly throwing all the bottles out.
shudder at the scream of shattering glass. the scent of half-dreams pouring out, poisoned gas.

let’s toast today.
a resolution, say.
to stop hoarding what i don’t have.

i won’t be surprised anymore to find my treasures are all just poisoned glass.
these are my treasures no more.

let’s toast today.
new bottle, fresh wine.
i’ll stop calling anything mine.
whole dreams fly free.
they can walk away if they need to.

i’ll toast today. with or without you.
this bottle’s for the pouring out. and out. and out.
come by if you’re thirsty.

God, fill me up.


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