the cold water will wake you up!

the end of july, october tempertures.
my autumn heart alive.

allowing friends to lead me to adventure when all i usually do these days is hide.

water rushing down the rock. ride.
water round me, liquid ice. alive.
and the breath of the waterfall against my face.
the house of the waterfall, gray and calming place.

for a moment, a moment without time.
a memory that already leaps past the lines.
faces i might not know so well one day. sorrows forgotten. and the sweet way we play.
but the warmth of my own body in the chill of the swim….
the sky like winter, the lights all dim….
the whispery wild at my fingertips….
like i loved as a child, just the dreams of a kid….
easily one beat of bliss.
the rhythm to our songs.
oh dear Lord! our beat goes on!

i rode there amongst the trees. rode home amongst the trees.
they never stop singing to me. singing with me.
the things that have been, will be, remind me i’m free.

who i was. who i am. who i’ll be.
Lord, keep having your way in me.
it’s good to know i’m alive.


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